200x200xTrained-in-Hormone-Cure-Badge.jpg.speedilic.ic.m7AujrUwQCAttention Food Lovers!

Do You struggle with….

  • Constant sugar cravings
  • Weight issues
  • Mood disturbances
  • Problem skin..acne, eczema
  • Lack of energy
  • Challenges sleeping
  • Frequent bouts of anxiety

Are these problems keeping you from enjoying the things you love?

Do you feel guilty when……..

  • Your full intention was to have one cookie, but instead you eat the whole plateful
  • Hubby wants you all to himself but you never seem to be “in the mood” anymore
  • Spending your evening with a box of chocolates feels like pure pleasure
  • Day to day activities are a struggle
  • You fall asleep as soon as you sit down

Do you ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

I don’t believe anything happens by chance. I believe you found me for a reason and that reason is because you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

You’re finished telling yourself, “I might as well accept it. This is just how it’s gonna be from now on.”

Don’t even go there because your life can be so much happier and fulfilling. I am committed to helping you break the cycle of sugar and food addiction. 

My passion and focus is helping women conquer their cravings and reclaim their life again. Stop allowing food to control you! 

You’ve taken the first step by being here. Now let’s take the next step together.

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Kristy Breen, RN

The Wellness and Cravings Coach for Women



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