pea sprouts

Beyond Greens – Live Superfoods

Beyond Greens! We all know that green veggies are good for us, the greener the better. What if I told you to go beyond greens. What I’m talking about is live Superfoods. Green superfoods are the most healing foods on the planet.  Have you ever heard of Spirulina or Chlorella? Chances are you’ve heard of them, […]

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iced coffee

To Die For, Healthy Iced Coffee

To Die For, Healthy Iced Coffee Oh my gosh, I made the most delicious iced coffee this morning before leaving my house. I’ve always been a hot coffee drinker, until about a year ago when my cousin bought me an iced coffee. It wasn’t the healthy kind, but I grew to like the taste of […]

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Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural appetite suppressants are a great way to take the edge off and essential oils can help you do that. Most people think of essential oils for aromatic use only, but they go way beyond that. Keep in mind, not all oils are created equal. Some oils say 100% pure but these aren’t regulated and […]

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To Drink Milk or Not To Drink Milk

Dairy has most of us confused these days. Some say drink it, some say don’t.  I personally don’t believe we need it, but that’s my opinion. Many people grew up on dairy, and it’s a way of life. They drink milk with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can remember being at my grandparents house, and […]

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