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6 Weeks to a More Amazing You

Spring is here! We’re coming out of hibernation, and slowly but surely pulling out our Summer clothes. My goal is to take you on a 6 Week Journey that will leave you feeling more confident and energized than you do now. So, scratch your back, get passed the yawns, and let’s get started on your […]

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Your Body Wasn’t Made to Sit

Your Body Wasn’t Made to Sit I know it’s a mind blower, but your body really wasn’t designed to hold the couch down. Just think for a minute how amazing our bodies truly are. Your body was designed with movement in mind not sitting. We have joints for bending, walking, lifting, squatting, running, throwi ng, […]

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Walking Is My Meditation

We all need to find something in our lives that helps us feel grounded. Our calm in the storm. For me, there is nothing better than my daily walk. It seems like our lives get busier and busier. I know we all have 24 hours in a day, but some days feel like I get […]

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