Boost Your Energy Naturally- Super Easy, Super Delicious Green Smoothie Class: Do you want more energy? Would you like to lose 5lb, 10lb or more? How’s your complexion? Anyone can learn how to make the perfect green smoothie at work or home. You don’t need expensive equipment either. Come join me and I’ll show you how easy it is to incorporate delicious green smoothies into your diet. Your body will thank you for it!

Learn How to Uncook- Super Simple, Super Delicious Raw Desserts: Are you a “sweet lover?” Learn how to make healthy scrumptious raw desserts that will only take you minutes to whip up. Hey! Who has time to be in the kitchen all day? Leave the stove off. It’s summer for goodness sakes! Come join me for a fun interactive class. Get to sample delicious raw desserts!

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